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Policy Bazar API

This unique API allows businesses to embed insurance comparison, sales, and management functionalities into applications. PolicyBazaar, India's leading online insurance comparison portal, offers a wide-ranging platform for various types of insurance, including life, health, auto, and more.

Website URL:

Major Customers: Customers across India looking for online insurance comparison and purchase.

Fees: The pricing for PolicyBazaar API services would vary based on usage. (Contact us for custom pricing inquiries)

Features & Integrations: PolicyBazaar API facilitates features like online insurance comparison, insurance policy sales, policy management, and more. The API can be smoothly integrated into web and mobile applications, offering a comprehensive insurance services platform.

Advantages of using PolicyBazaar API:

  • Provides a wide range of insurance comparison and management functionalities.

  • Enables smooth integration with various web or mobile applications.

  • Suitable for businesses seeking to offer online insurance comparison and purchase to their customers.

  • Simplifies policy sales and management process for users.

If your business requires an efficient, user-friendly insurance services solution, PolicyBazaar API could be the right choice.

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