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Your Ready-to-Go
Development Team

We build FinTech Products. We integrate payments, banking, lending and wealth APIs. We demonstrate FinTech APIs and SDKs use cases. We create starter kits for developers. We understand security, privacy, risk and compliance.

Featured Clients & Partners

Fintegration Services

FinTech Expert Team as a Service

  • Dedicated Software Developers

  • FinTech API Experts

  • Front-end and Mobile Engineers

  • Manual and Automation QA

  • Solution Architect

  • API and Backend Engineer

  • Back Office and Admin Experts

  • No-code, Low-code Tool Experts

  • DevOps, ServerOps, AWS Infra Experts 

End to End FinTech Product Development

  • Product Discovery and Documentation

  • Wireframes, Mockups, UI/UX

  • Sprint Planning and Agile Scrum

Our team helps clients with their Proof of Concept, Minimum Viable Product, Customer Pilot, Demo and Acceleration Kit. We work as an extended team for our clients till they have in-house team.

Fintech Consulting 

  • API, SDK Comparison and Selection

  • 3rd Party Dependencies

  • Security Audit

  • Compliance and License 

  • Fraud and Risk Mitigation

  • Security Monitoring and SOC 2 

  • ServerOps, DevOps

  • Data Security and Privacy Compliance 

Our Mission

Fintegration is committed to helping companies, entrepreneurs and teams to ship scalable and sustainable Financial Services products. We imagine in the coming years every product will have a small FinTech.

We strive to help businesses of all sizes seamlessly discover, integrate, and capitalize on the power of FinTech. From KYC, Payments, Lending to Risk & Compliance - we will guide and implement best practices.

WHY Fintegration?

20+ FinTech Products

We have shipped more than 20 Financial Services Products which are Production ready. 

Scalable, Flexible & Cost Effective

Our geographical advantage & organisation structure help us deploy and scale team faster without costing you fortunes.

FinTech API Expertise

We have engaged with over 50+ different Financial service providers, APIs to make our customers win.


Our partnerships with leading APIs & SDKs bring the cutting edge technologies before anyone else.  

Security, Risk and Compliance

Our expert network of consultants has 30+ years of experience in Risk, Compliance, and Security.

Acceleration Kit

We have built out Acceleration Kits in Lending, Personal Finance, Wealth Management, P2P Lending, KYC, AML and more. This saves time & resources. 

Are you looking to build a robust, scalable & secure Fintech solution?

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