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Simplified Payment Solution

Fintegration | Case Study


Simplified Payment Solution

Actlien is a premier property management company based in New York City. They excel in managing real estate properties for owners, ensuring smooth operations and optimal returns on investments. Their comprehensive suite of services includes marketing properties to potential tenants, conducting exhaustive background and credit checks, negotiating leases, addressing tenant complaints and concerns, and managing property maintenance and repairs.

Despite their robust service offerings, Actlien faced a major hurdle: the high charges associated with online rent payment gateways. The elevated costs were causing financial strain on both the company and tenants, undermining Actlien's profitability, tenant satisfaction, and overall convenience.

The Challenge

The high transaction fees from online rent payments were a persistent issue for Actlien. These fees were cutting into the company's revenue and posing as a deterrent for tenants to use the digital payment method. Actlien needed an innovative solution to drastically reduce or eliminate these excessive charges to improve their bottom line and enhance tenant satisfaction.

The Fintegration Solution

To tackle Actlien's challenge, Fintegration devised a comprehensive payment solution that enhanced tenant flexibility and minimized transaction costs. We utilized our expertise in fintech and deep understanding of the property management industry to develop a seamless and cost-effective online payment gateway. Our solution expanded the payment options for tenants, offering them the freedom to choose the method that best suited their needs.

Pay By e-check

There are NO FEES associated when paying by eCheck. You only need your bank account information!

PAY BY ACH with Plaid

There are NO FEES associated when paying by eCheck. You only need your bank account information!


We accept all major forms of credit and debit cards. This form of payment is subjected to transaction fees!

The Result

Fintegration's custom-developed solution provided Actlien with a robust, flexible, and cost-effective online payment platform. It eliminated the pain points related to high transaction fees, thereby improving Actlien's profitability, enhancing tenant satisfaction, and adding significant value to their service offering.

Tools & Technologies

Web Development

Plaid, ACHQ, Stripe

 HTML, Reflux, CSS, Javascript


Looking to build a robust Fintech solution?

Fintegration as an Integration Partner

As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, integration becomes paramount to ensure seamless operations and enhance user experience. As an Integration Partner, Fintegration operates at the crossroads of technology and finance, bridging the gap between various fintech platforms and services to create cohesive, interconnected ecosystems.

What we do as an integration partner?

At Fintegration, our role goes beyond just connecting systems:

  1. Custom Solutions: We design and implement custom integrations tailored to specific business requirements, ensuring seamless communication between disparate systems.

  2. Continuous Support: Post-integration, we provide ongoing support to ensure optimal performance, address issues, and accommodate any changes in the evolving digital landscape.

  3. Advisory Role: Drawing upon our vast industry knowledge, we advise businesses on the best integration strategies, platforms, and technologies to align with their growth objectives.

  4. Safety and Compliance: Our integrations prioritize data security, ensuring all connections are encrypted and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

  5. Efficiency Audits: Post-implementation, we regularly assess the efficiency of the integrations, suggesting improvements and optimizations as necessary.

Who can use this service?

Fintegration's Integration Partner services cater to a wide range of clientele:

  • Fintech Startups: Emerging fintech companies looking to integrate their services with existing platforms or expand their connectivity.

  • Established Financial Institutions: Traditional banks and financial entities aiming to modernize their operations by integrating new technologies and services.

  • E-commerce Platforms: Online marketplaces seeking to enhance their payment gateways or integrate additional financial tools.

  • Tech Enterprises: Technology companies venturing into the financial domain, seeking expert guidance and integration services.

  • Regulatory & Compliance Entities: Organizations looking to integrate various fintech platforms for auditing, reporting, or compliance purposes.

Looking to build a robust Fintech solution?

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