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Fintegration Agreement Builder is a powerful contract creation and management solution designed to streamline and enhance the process of drafting, managing, and executing agreements across various business scenarios. This self-hosted, on-premise solution offers full code ownership, ensuring that enterprises maintain control over their critical data and workflows. Key features include robust Template Management, which enables the creation and customization of contract templates tailored to specific needs such as loan amounts and repayment terms. It also offers cloud-based storage solutions, making it easy to access and manage agreements from anywhere. Additionally, Fintegration Agreement Builder supports legally binding digital signatures, ensuring that documents are signed securely and are legally compliant.

Fintegration Agreement Builder

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Advance Features of Agreement Builder

Template Management

Template Management in the Fintegration Agreement Builder is a feature specifically designed to streamline and optimize the creation and customization of contract templates. This functionality allows users to tailor templates according to specific criteria such as loan amounts and repayment terms.

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Digital Signing

Digital Signing in the Fintegration Agreement Builder facilitates the use of legally binding e-signatures, ensuring that documents are signed securely and efficiently. This feature provides an essential layer of security and compliance by enabling parties to execute contracts without the need for physical paperwork.

Integration Capabilities

Cloud Storage in the Fintegration Agreement Builder offers robust cloud-based storage solutions that ensure easy access and streamlined management of agreements. This feature allows users to store all their contracts and related documents securely in the cloud, providing the flexibility to access these files from anywhere, at any time. With this centralized storage system, managing and retrieving documents becomes hassle-free, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

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Account Aggrement Features

Template Management

the creation and customization
of templates based on specific
requirements like loan amount
and repayment terms.

Digital Signing

legally binding e-signatures,
ensuring documents are signed

Cloud Storage

Offers cloudbased
storage solutions for
easy access and management
of agreements.

Integration Capabilities

Supports integrations with
external systems like eSign and
eKYC, enhancing functionality
and user experience.

Customizable Access Controls

rovides the ability to set specific access permissions for different users or groups. This ensures that sensitive information is protected and only accessible to authorized personnel, enhancing security and privacy.

Mobile Compatibility

Ensures that the system is accessible and fully functional on mobile devices, allowing users to manage contracts on the go. This increases flexibility and productivity, enabling users to perform tasks from anywhere.

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What is Fintegration Agreement Builder?

Fintegration Agreement Builder is a robust contract creation and management solution that allows users to draft, manage, and execute legal agreements efficiently. It is a self-hosted, on-premise solution that provides full code ownership and enhanced security.

How can I customize contract templates in Fintegration Agreement Builder?

Users can customize contract templates through the Template Management feature, which allows you to alter templates based on specific criteria such as loan amounts and repayment terms. This feature enables you to tailor contracts to meet specific business needs.

What types of documents can be signed using the Digital Signing feature?

The Digital Signing feature supports legally binding e-signatures for a wide range of documents, including contracts, agreements, and other legal paperwork, ensuring secure and compliant signing processes.

Is my data secure with Cloud Storage?

Yes, the Cloud Storage feature in Fintegration Agreement Builder uses advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure that all documents stored in the cloud are protected from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Is Fintegration Agreement Builder mobile-friendly?

Yes, Fintegration Agreement Builder is compatible with mobile devices, allowing users to manage contracts and perform essential tasks directly from their smartphones or tablets.

How do I get started with Fintegration Agreement Builder?

To get started, you can contact our sales team for a demo and setup information. Once installed, users can immediately begin configuring their system to match their specific contract management needs.

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