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Flinks API

Flinks API

Flinks API is a powerful platform that enables financial institutions, fintech startups, and developers to securely access and leverage real-time banking data. With features like account verification and transaction data aggregation, Flinks API empowers users to streamline processes, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions. Offering connectivity with thousands of financial institutions across North America and Europe, Flinks API ensures comprehensive coverage and reliable access to financial data sources.

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Major Customers: Flinks API serves a wide range of customers in the financial services industry, including banks, credit unions, fintech startups, wealth management firms, and other financial institutions. Some notable customers using Flinks API include TD Bank, National Bank of Canada, Wealthsimple, and Questrade.

Fees: Fees for using Flinks API may vary based on factors such as the volume of data requests, the level of service required, and any additional features or integrations. Pricing details can be obtained by contacting Flinks directly or through their website.

Features & Integrations:

  • Account Verification: Flinks API allows users to verify bank accounts in real-time, enabling secure access to account information and transaction data.

  • Transaction Data Aggregation: Access transactional data from users' bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial sources, providing valuable insights for analysis and decision-making.

  • Bank Connectivity: Flinks API supports connectivity with thousands of financial institutions across North America and Europe, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

  • Compliance: Flinks API is compliant with industry regulations such as GDPR and PSD2, ensuring the security and privacy of user data.

  • Developer Tools: Access developer documentation, SDKs, and other resources to facilitate integration and development processes.

Advantages of Using Flinks API:

  1. Real-Time Data Access: Flinks API offers real-time access to bank account and transaction data, enabling timely decision-making and analysis.

  2. Enhanced Security: With bank-level security measures and compliance with industry regulations, Flinks API ensures the privacy and security of sensitive financial information.

  3. Scalability: Flinks API is designed to scale with the needs of users, whether they are individual developers or large enterprises, providing flexibility and adaptability.

  4. Easy Integration: Flinks API offers developer-friendly tools and documentation, simplifying the integration process and reducing development time.

  5. Comprehensive Coverage: With connectivity to thousands of financial institutions, Flinks API provides comprehensive coverage across North America and Europe, ensuring access to a wide range of financial data sources.

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