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Signzy API

This robust RESTful service empowers businesses to incorporate digital onboarding, KYC, and contract management services into their applications. As a forerunner in providing digital trust solutions in India, Signzy's API is prevalent across the financial sector and beyond.

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Major Customers: MasterCard, SBI, ICICI Bank, and more.

Fees: Signzy operates on a usage-based pricing model that varies based on the specific needs of a business. (Contact us for custom pricing inquiries)

Features & Integrations: Signzy API offers a wide array of features such as Digital Onboarding, KYC Checks, Digital Contracting, and AML Detection. The API can be seamlessly integrated into web and mobile applications, providing businesses with the tools for seamless customer onboarding and compliance processes.

Advantages of using Signzy API:

  • Comprehensive digital onboarding, KYC, and contract management solution.

  • Easy integration with various web or mobile applications.

  • Advanced features such as digital onboarding and AML detection.

  • Suitable for businesses, especially in the financial sector, looking for seamless customer onboarding and compliance.

If your business requires a robust and reliable solution for digital onboarding, KYC checks, and contract management, Signzy API is an excellent choice.

For additional information, explore these resources:

Considering integrating a Digital Trust Solutions API into your business model?

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