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NeoGrowth API

A tech-driven lending platform, NeoGrowth offers swift and flexible loan products to SMEs in India. Their innovative technology solutions span customer acquisition, credit assessment, and loan disbursement.

Website URL:

Major Customers: Small and Medium-sized businesses across various sectors in India.

Fees: NeoGrowth operates on a case-by-case basis for lending, with interest rates and fees varying based on the specific loan product and terms. (Contact us for custom pricing inquiries)

Features & Integrations: NeoGrowth offers quick loan application and approval, a paperless process, flexible repayment options, and a proprietary credit scoring model for SMEs. Please note that as of my training data (September 2021), NeoGrowth does not publicly offer a dedicated API for third-party integrations.

Advantages of using NeoGrowth:

  • Quick and flexible loan products for SMEs.

  • Use of innovative technology for seamless customer experience.

  • Paperless process and flexible repayment options.

If your business requires fast, flexible, and tech-enabled lending services, NeoGrowth is a suitable option.

For additional information, explore these resources:

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